180 grams of Wheatgerm in Cups

How many Cups are 180 grams of Wheatgerm?

180 grams of Wheatgerm in Cups is approximately equal to 2 and 1/5 cups.

That is, if in a cooking recipe you need to know what the equivalent of 180 grams of Wheatgerm measure in Cups, the exact equivalence would be 2.1675655, so in rounded form it is approximately 2 and 1/5 cups.

180 grams ≈ 2 and 1/5 Cups

Is this equivalence the same for other ingredients?

It is not the same, the rule of equivalence of Grams of Wheatgerm in cups is applicable only for this ingredient, for other cooking ingredients there are other rules of equivalence.

In case you need to know the equivalence of other ingredients you can use our search engine.

180 grams of Wheatgerm in Cups

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